• Tungsten ring factory with 11 years of experience

     Tungsten rings are getting popular as compared to gold rings because of their economical cost and great looks than gold. 
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  • The powerful factory has been specialized in manufacturing Tungsten Rings for more than 10 years.

    If you want to purchase Tungsten Rings, it is a wise choice to come to Guangzhou Ouyuan jewelry co., ltd. There are many styles for you to choose from. In addition, customized services are supported. If you choose Ouyuan, you will get the following support 1. Short delivery time. Millions of bl...
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  • You will Get the Best Support from Ouyuan If You Aim to Develop the Tungsten Ring Industry

    Ouyuan is very friendly to those clients who are just developing tungsten ring industry and will give them a lot of support. The MOQ of Ouyuan is 3PCS per size, while many suppliers have a high MOQ.  Here is just one story about Ouyuan and client. Ouyuan has a big client from USA who started to ...
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  • Stories About Our Company – Guangzhou Ouyuan

    GUANGZHOU OUYUAN HARDWARE JEWELRY co., LTD. Our company is a large manufacturer of tungsten carbide jewelry ,ceramic,jewelry,titanium jewelry and stainless steel jewelry. We have more than 10 years manufacturing experience in this field,weown advanced equipments and mat...
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  • Tungsten Carbide Rings – Hi-Tech Wedding Bands of the Future

    Tungsten Carbide Rings – Hi-Tech Wedding Bands of the Future

    Our Company offers a wide selection of tungsten carbide rings, which are known for being the toughest and most scratch proof rings in the jewelry industry. One of the most popular choices in wedding jewelry in recent years, tungsten carbide rings have gained fame and inc...
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  • The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings

    The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings

    When you think of wedding bands, gold or platinum likely comes to mind. However, an increasingly popular material on the market is neither of these and happens to be far more affordable than both. If you're on the hunt for something that's bold and unique, Tungsten Carbi...
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  • How to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring Size

    How to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring Size

    Before your significant other puts a ring on it, here's how to accurately gauge your perfect size. Your engagement ring will be a constant (sparkly) symbol of your marriage, long after your wedding day has passed. That's why it's of the utmost importance that you have an...
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  • About Ring Finishes

    About Ring Finishes

    Information about Different Types of Finishes          One of the ways to give rings a different appearance is to give them different finishes. This way the same ring style can have many different variations. The most common finishes are: polished, satin, brushed an...
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  • Men’s Tungsten Fashion Rings

    Men’s Tungsten Fashion Rings

    Why should I buy a Tungsten Ring? Rings are worn by many men for a variety of reasons. Almost every married man wears a ring, but even single men wear rings for style purposes sometimes. Tungsten is becoming a popular choice for material for men’s rings, and with good reason. Tungsten offers many...
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  • For Something Unique – Choose Men’s Tungsten Wedding Rings

    This type of material creates the perfect symbol for the strength of your love: it’s highly resistant to abrasions, has the highest melting point of any metal on earth and is 10 times stronger than gold. Comfortable to wear with sophisticated designs, our tungsten wedding rings are designed for l...
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  • Tungsten Rings Information

    Imagine owning a ring that will never scratch and will remain as beautiful as the day you just bought it. Pure tungsten is a highly durable gun metal grey metal that makes up a small fraction of the earth’s crust (around 1/20 ounce per ton of rock). Tungsten does not occur as a pure metal i...
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  • About Ring Thickness and Ring Width

    About Ring Thickness and Ring Width

    There is no standard measurement for a rings thickness and many manufacturers create rings that highly vary in thickness, but if the thickness of a ring concerns you, your jeweler should be able to measure the exact thickness of a ring with a caliper. Also a good rule to follow would be that the ...
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