How to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring Size

Before your significant other puts a ring on it, here's how to accurately gauge your perfect size.

Your engagement ring will be a constant (sparkly) symbol of your marriage, long after your wedding day has passed. That's why it's of the utmost importance that you have an accurate measure of your ring size before your partner pops the question. Nothing is more disheartening than losing such a precious gem to the depths of your kitchen sink's drain, or, on the other end of the spectrum, having it cut off your circulation. Here, our extensive guide on how to determine the perfect ring size for your engagement or wedding ring.

Because your ring sizing should never be a guessing game.

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Ring Sizing Basics
Determining band fit can actually be one of the most complicated parts of the engagement ring process because several different components impact measurement and sizing.

Finger Shape
Yes, there are different kinds of fingers, and they can impact ring size and fit. If you have a tapered ring finger, it widens downward toward the base, which is where your ring will fit the tightest. Rings can easily fall off tapered fingers if they slide up, so it's incredibly important to have a snug fit. On the other hand are knotted fingers where the knuckle in the middle of the finger is the widest part, which the ring has to fit over. However, the ring might move around and fit too loosely at the base of your finger.
In this case, consider getting sizing beads added to your sparkler. These small add-ons stay on the bottom of the inner ring close to your hand and act like pressure points to keep the ring in place. They're incredibly easy to put on and remove.

International Ring Sizing
In the United States and Canada, ring sizes range from 3 to 13, which includes half and quarter sizes. The sizes are measured in inches or millimeters based on the ring's diameter or circumference. The diameter measures the inside length of the ring, whereas circumference measures the length of the entire band. International ring sizing involves the same measurement process, but the numbered sizes run on different scales, which vary by country. Australia and the United Kingdom actually use an alphabetical letter sizing system.
When to Measure Ring Size
Believe it or not, your ring finger measuring conditions need to be just right. Warm weather makes our fingers swell, and they tend to shrink from cold weather in the winter. to avoid eating salty foods, drinking hot cocktails, or performing any strenuous activity before measuring because these can all make your fingers swell. You want your body temperature to be normal and natural, Your fingers can also be swollen when you first wake up, so it's best to get measured around the middle of the day at room temperature for the most accurate, comfortable fit.



Post time: Dec-16-2020