What is tungsten steel?

What is tungsten steel?

Tungsten steel is another kind of high-tech product pursued by mass buyers after space ceramics. It is used in the space technology of shuttle, and now it is converted to civilian use. In fact, tungsten steel is very popular with consumers. This material is different from other watch materials. Its hardness is close to that of natural diamond. It is not easy to wear and tear. Its brightness is as bright as a mirror. It never fades. It also has the advantages of being able to withstand mechanical impact.


why choose tungsten material to make rings?

1. The brightness of tungsten steel is very high, like a mirror. After polishing, it can emit gem-like color and light, which is cold, firm, and has a unique personality.   

2. Tungsten steel has very high hardness It is 4 times that of titanium and 7 times that of stainless steel. It is second only to diamond in hardness and comparable to diamond.

Tungsten steel is hard and wear-resistant, shiny and unique, and the unique diamond luster gives a noble experience. .   

3. Tungsten steel can engrave your favorite patterns and text on the inside or outside of the ring through a metal laser machine.   

4. Tungsten steel jewelry is comparable to lead stone, but the price is far from diamond.

Tungsten steel has good corrosion resistance. Through the artificial sweat test, it does not change color, does not corrode, does not fade, is not easy to cause allergies, does not rust, and the color can last for a long time.  

6. The inlay materials of tungsten steel include natural diamonds, ceramics, artificial diamonds “CZ”, shells, semi-precious stones, gold, platinum, silver and so on.  

7. Tungsten steel process: can be inlaid with gems, shells, ceramics, etc., can cut flowers and engrave patterns, such as engraving character icons, etc., can also be flat, IP plating, IP plating carving and other thousands of styles. Cut flowers and flat plates are divided into fully polished and matte.

The appearance characteristics of tungsten steel jewelry: Deep, firm, tough, simple, elegant, after processing. Tungsten steel jewelry has more personality and is more and more loved by young people. It is for this reason that tungsten steel jewelry has become the most popular jewelry in Europe and America today.

Post time: Sep-02-2020